Ne pas se dissoudre, ne pas se diviser ; du besoin de cohésion

Deux articles pas trop longs, mais donc j’ai extrais les morceaux qui me paraissent le plus saillants.


Un questionnement de Thorn Coyle sur le sens de l’idée de communauté, et la question de la tolérance :


« But most of the time, my community is the friends with whom I might be arguing, or laughing, or preparing to sit down to dinner with. My community is the shifting, ad hoc group of comrades that show up at meetings, actions, and protests. My community are the folks that keep the soup kitchen running. My community are the people that come together once a month to honor the Gods.

All of these groups have varying levels of intimacy and connection. Some of the people I rely upon to show up are folks I don’t know much about personally, but I do know their integrity in action. We will disagree on some things that are of vital importance to both of us, but the things we do agree upon still bind us together. We recognize this: the work at hand is more important than disagreements about theology or tactics.

Community is the people who show up. But community is not only that. »


Un article de  Gordon White qui m’évoque des choses similaires sur les liens à maintenir, et qui m’évoque les sensations que j’ai reçues moi-même, expliquées sur l’Antre de Morrigan (à savoir, prendre du recul, ne pas céder à la peur et à l’irrationnel, et agir en pleine conscience, être en accord avec ses valeurs et les mettre en pratique) :

« We know what’s coming next. From both sides. We know this is going to get worse before it gets better. So it is okay to be sad, it is okay to pray, it is okay to be angry for a little while. Just maintain your coherence.

Incidents like these send shockwaves up and down between the worlds. That is what they are supposed to do. They are supposed to decohere us. Do not let them. That power remains with you at all times and that power is infinite.

Maintain your coherence. Ensure your words and actions provide coherence to others.«