Hymne à Skadi

Skadi Goddess of Eternal Winter
You shine with the blue glow
Of sparkling Snow

Skadi Goddess of Primal Forces
You’re as hard as rocks
And as solid as mountains

Skadi Goddess of Wild Lands
You walk untamed earth
As free as air

I hear Thy name
And I see twinkling snow
White deserts of ice

I hear Thy name
And I feel the biting breath
Of the Norse Wind

(Oui, Skadi Bella, si tu souhaites la mettre en ligne où tu sais, tu peux.)

Appel à « témoin » : Frigg

Bonsoir à tous,

Je profite de cet interface personnel pour passer une annonce. Je cherche ces derniers temps à travailler très concrètement avec la Déesse Frigg(a) du Nord, mais je n’ai pas forcément épluché les bons sites (tous les plus basiques en fait), donc j’en appelle à vous : je vous serais reconnaissante si vous pouvez me transmettre :
– tous vos témoignages personnels
– tous liens vers des sites intéressants
– tous liens vers des articles intéressants
– des images
– des correspondances et symboles
– des textes dévotionnels et des prières
– des rituels

Merci d’avance !

Des autels en ligne pour les Dieux du Nord

Voici de superbes ressources trouvées grâce à Galina Krasskova, et je suis sûre qu’on peut en trouver d’autres.

Frey : http://www.northernpaganism.org/shrines/frey/welcome.html
Ran, Aegir, and Their Nine Daughters : http://www.northernpaganism.org/shrines/ninesisters.html
Kari, God of the North Wind: http://www.northernpaganism.org/shrines/kari/welcome.html
Logi, God of Hungry Flame : http://www.northernpaganism.org/shrines/logi/welcome.html
Angurboda, Ironwood Chieftain : http://www.northernpaganism.org/shrines/angrboda/welcome.html
Mengloth, and Healing Goddesses : http://www.northernpaganism.org/shrines/mengloth/information/welcome.html
Mani, Sunna, and Their Family: http://www.northernpaganism.org/shrines/norhternsky/information/welcome.html
Breiðablik Temple: A Northern Tradition Temple dedicated to Odin and Frey: http://breidabliktemple.weebly.com/
Loki : http://flamehair.weebly.com/

EDIT : le site de northernpaganism s’agrandit de nouveaux autels au fil du temps !

Njord : http://www.northernpaganism.org/shrines/njord/welcome.html
Les Ancêtres : http://www.northernpaganism.org/shrines/ancestors/welcome.html
Sigyn : http://www.northernpaganism.org/shrines/sigyn/welcome.html
Iduna : http://www.northernpaganism.org/shrines/iduna/index.html
Bragi : http://www.northernpaganism.org/shrines/bragi/welcome.html
Hel : http://www.northernpaganism.org/shrines/hela/welcome.html

Prières pour Odin

Mon cher Sarenth vient d’écrire de nouvelles prières à Odin et les a rendues accessibles à tous, il demande simplement à être crédité.


Prayer for Wisdom in Teaching

Allfather, Ancient One

Eye-plucked Wanderer

Teacher of Runes and Mead-stealer

Bless me, keep me

As  I wander and in gift-for-gift,

Teach others from Your path


The Ninefold Blessing of the Allfather

Grace me Father

with the blessings of the breath of life, ond, with the lips that shape the ond into forms beautiful and terrible

Grace me Father

with the blessings of the Runes, with the markings that break fetters and heal the sick

Grace me Father

with the blessings of wisdom, with the discernment and care it brings, with the faculties to use it properly

Grace me Father

with the blessings of pain, with the forging and strength it bestows, with the edge it sharpens

Grace me Father

with the blessings of inspiration, with the knowledge and comprehension it gives, with the ways it opens

Grace me Father

with the blessings of joy, with the openness of receptivity and growth it seeds, with the way it enlivens life

Grace me Father

with the blessings of power, with the ability to choose and stand firm, with the ability to change the world around me

Grace me Father,

with the blessings of intelligence, with the ability to comprehend and deduce the meaning of things, to understand the world in all its complexities

Grace me Father

with the blessings of faith, with the trust and determination to embrace it, to always reach to understand You and the Worlds better, in all the ways I can


Prayer to Bulvark

I must do wrong to do right; help show me the way


Prayer to Svipal, The Changeable

Shape-changer, way-tamer

Show me how to cast off my ham,

To take on another’s

Show me how to shape my lich,

To know the ways of another’s

Show me to shape my soul

To know the soul of another

Show me to shape all I am

So I may become who I need to be


Prayer to Wod

I shake and quake

Blood boiling

Help me to harness my rage, Wod,

Help me to turn my doom into my tool


Prayer to Gangleri for My Wandering

I fear, Gangleri

The road is long, and the future uncertain

I know not where to wander

I pray, Guide me Father

I know not whom to help

I pray, Guide me Father

I know not how I will travel

Help me find the way

Help me know the path

Help me see the future

That I might walk

The way that my Wyrd guides


Prayer for Rune Magic

Galdrfadhir, bless my magic

Bless each Rune as I cast it

Each ond as it comes and goes from me

Each stroke of pen, or wood, steel or rock

That each Rune be made true

Each spell be writ in power

Each fetter hold fast

Each healing swiftly take