OOPS! (some common mistakes)

Un article court, et pas trop compliqué je pense (anglais), sur les erreurs communes au sujet du Petit Lenormand.

"fate keeps on happening"

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Learning Lenormand requires sifting through a lot of information, and most of it is very flawed, to say the least. So to (hopefully) save a few people from making these common mistakes, I’m going to list a few things people are prone to falling into.

Everything the cat dragged in

In the very early days, I walked right into this one. I collected meanings from various websites and countries. My early readings were mud, and I had to unlearn a lot of stuff. So…don’t.

Start with ONE set of meanings, any set that makes sense to you – French, Dutch, German – and stick with it. Get a SOLID foundation. After a few years when you’re familiar with the symmetry of the system, you can expand it a bit, add more secondary meanings, more nuance.

Borrowing a meaning from a region other than the one you’re using can throw the…

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  1. Hélène dit :

    En français pour les nuls svp !

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