Une interview du Ghosts and Spirits

Excellente lecture du Ghosts and Spirits par 78 Keys to Creativity ! Je la poste ici car je n’avais pas réalisé moi-même l’interview encore, mais les réponses obtenues semblent correspondre vraiment à ce que je vis avec ce jeu !

Je mets ici le principal au cas où l’auteur change de site un jour, mais je vous conseille d’aller là-bas pour jeter un oeil aux lames.


Card 1: Tell me about yourself? What is your most important characteristic? (Queen of Wands, The White Lady):

I’m deeply connected to the non-material realm and this connection makes me an invaluable guide to all those who travel between.

Card 2: What are your strengths as a deck? (Ace of Cups, Giselle):

As my greatest strength comes from love, and I express this love through the guidance and support I give, the best way for us to work together would be from the heart. I also offer you the gift of spiritual and emotional fulfilment… will you accept?

Card 3: What are your limits as a deck? (The Moon, Aeneus’ Journey to the Underworld):

Most of my work goes on beneath the surface and between the worlds so you must concentrate, pay attention, and learn to decipher the messages you receive. I tend to focus on the unconscious mind, instincts and shadows, this means that for you, I’ll be especially useful for dream work, intuitive work and/or work involving bringing the hidden or buried into the light.

Card 4: What do you bring to the table? What are you here to teach me? (The Tower, Fall of the House of Usher):

I offer you the opportunity to see things in a new way, to develop a new perspective on your life, and to experience a shift in consciousness. I will challenge your beliefs, and while this may be uncomfortable from time to time, you will grow from these experiences.

Card 5: How can I best learn from and collaborate with you? (King of Wands, Herne the Hunter):

You’re aware of my connection to spirit, of my ability to guide you between the worlds, and I’ve described the nature of the opportunities I present to you. We can work together only if you’re prepared to accept these opportunities, only if you’re open to the challenges to come, and only if you’re brave enough to take the risks associated with work we’ll be doing.

Card 6: What is the potential outcome of our relationship? (The Magician, Psychopomp):

Together we can access other worlds and communicate with what lies beyond. The more you open up to the energies at work, the more you’ll be able to channel these energies. Your development in the areas I represent will open many doors for you.


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