Les Dieux ne sont pas parfaits ?

Une excellente réflexion qui je l’espère n’est pas trop compliquée à comprendre pour les gens qui n’ont pas un anglais fluide.


« The gods are not perfect.  Let me say it again.  The gods are not perfect, nor should they be expected to be.  When I try to explain this concept to others, a lot of the time it seems they just can’t think past their Western programming in regards to deity.  All gods are expected to fit the same mold as “you know who”, and if they don’t… well then they must not be gods, right?  Wrong.

All of the gods whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing have been absolute individuals, down to the core.  That by itself should be enough to explain why they aren’t perfect.  Really, it should be.  It’s not like we humans don’t have massive experience dealing with each other, and all our individual imperfections.  Why is it so hard to believe that we and the gods may be more alike than different?

Maybe it’s because the gods aren’t made of the same stuff as us. At least, not obviously. All matter and energy are made up of the same elements, having been recycled throughout time and space, so really, I don’t think we’re that different, at all. Especially when you get down to the spirit of things.

Let us examine the soul, a while. Gods find our human souls immensly attractive, generally speaking. I believe there to be a type of magnetism at work here, drawing our gods toward those of us whose souls match their divine energy and powers. And in turn, we are drawn to those gods.

Well, what happens when two strikingly disimilar gods share strikingly similar tastes? Conflict! Yes! They may very well show you just how imperfect they really are, through petty squabbles and jealous meddling. Isn’t that nice?

Not a single one of us humans can claim to have never lost their temper over some pointless minutia, or because we just couldn’t be bothered to share our treasures with one another. The gods are not so different. Sometimes they get along, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they like sharing, oftentimes not. We are their treasures, after all.

Which brings me to the next issue. If the gods aren’t perfect, what makes them worthy of our attention, let alone our love and devotion?

So many people have asked that question after hearing that I worship imperfect deities. My answer is always the same. An individual, any individual, need not be perfect to be loved. They need not be perfect to receive attention. And they need not be perfect to experience devotion. Who would say otherwise of another human? Why should the gods expect any less than the curtesy we extend to ourselves?

I love my god. He’s not perfect (though you could never tell by looking at him), and I don’t care. It never mattered to me anyway. All that did (and still does) matter, is that he loved me even more than I could ever dream. :)« 


Une réflexion sur “Les Dieux ne sont pas parfaits ?

  1. Naedune dit :

    Super, et non en effet, ils ne sont pas parfaits, et n’en sont qu’encore plus riches!Et c’est cool parce que je me rends compte que je m’améliore pour lire en anglais, j’ai lu cet article d’un trait sans trop d’efforts.A quand la médaille? Je ne sais pas, les mystères des dieux sont impénétrables … :p

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