Quelques rappels éthiques

Voici un article qui m’a beaucoup plu. Il rappelle les points essentiels pour avoir une démarche occulte/spirituelle saine, les pièges à éviter. Je poste les premiers paragraphes, rendez vous chez l’auteur pour le lire en entier.


0. New ideas are always “stupid.” The Fool

I think it was Einstein who said that new ideas are always ridiculed and resisted before being assimilated and eventually accepted as truths (until new truths are revealed). What today is your Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis (UPG) may tomorrow be painfully obvious. This holds true both subjectively and objectively.

I. Eschew limitations. The Magician

Limitations exist only in our minds. Is it all in your head? Maybe you should give a little more thought to what isn’t in your head. Can you experience anything from anywhere else? Okay then.

II. Do not underestimate self-initiated work. The High Priestess

“The map is not the territory; the menu is not the meal.1” Eventually, you have to stop reading and regurgitating what you’ve read. Have the courage to strike out into unfamiliar territory. If you don’t, you’ll be spinning your wheels forever. “The Tao that can be spoken is not the true Tao.2” The true mysteries are ineffable, and must be experienced.

III. Share your ideas. The Empress

People love to hear your process, and how you arrived at a conclusion or a manifestation. Don’t just trumpet the results — tell them how you got there.

IV. Mundane problems should have mundane solutions. The Emperor

If you need a new job or a better relationship, don’t expect magick to fix it (though it can help). You have to be willing to take action to change your life, not just “will” the solution to fall into your lap. Similarly, before ascribing a supernatural cause to anything, be sure you’ve exhausted the possible mundane reasons why it occurred. Apply Occam’s Razor. And record everything.



2 réflexions sur “Quelques rappels éthiques

  1. Sheta Kaey dit :

    Hi! I’m glad you liked my article, but would you please post only a paragraph or two and then link to the rest? Google doesn’t like duplicate content, and I don’t want my rating to drop due to this repost.

    Please remove the bulk of this and suggest to click the link to see the rest. Thanks! Merci. 😉

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