Le problème du nom, païen, pas païen

Un texte très court et accessible je pense, à lire absolument pour réfléchir sur le problème du nom « païen ». Disons qu’il résume parfaitement la polémique, en étant simple et profond à la fois. Je le copie ici donc coup :

« You know why there is such conflict over the Pagan label?
It’s because it’s unnatural and was imposed on us
by a people with very different notions
of what constitutes being religious.
Look at traditional cultures the world over
– they don’t name what they do
because they don’t need to.
It’s just what they do,
what their people have always done,
how they interact with the gods and spirits
of the place they call home.
And when they travel to new lands,
they honor the powers that reside there.
And when there are differences with their neighbors
these usually come down to how the rites are carried out
and what the poets and priests call things.
These are not matters for war;
truth is not fenced in, needing our protection
– she pours her blessings in different measure to different people
with no one utterly neglected.
(Though, naturally, the largest portion was given to our people;
so says every people.)
Now we know ourselves as Pagans,
a label which separates
us from them
with endless squabbles over who belongs
in or out.
And those who have gone beyond Pagan
do the same with Kemetic, Heathen,
Hellene and all the others
– even though none of our ancestors would have any idea
what we were on about with these terms
or why it mattered in the least.
I’m not opposed to innovations when necessary,
but who needs any of this?
I love all that is divine
and give back in gratitude for what has been shared with me.
I mark the passage of the seasons
and celebrate my land and all it contains.
I remember what came before
and strive to leave things better than I found them.
This is my religion:
it needs no name nor anyone to weed out the false from the true
– it does that on its own.
For a man is his deeds,
and what lingers after
– not what he chooses to call himself. »

De mon cher Sannion. Il rejoint exactement ce qui m’avait fasciné chez les animistes et chez les celtes quand j’avais fait des recherches… on ne nomme pas. C’est tellement évident, naturel, ancré, on n’a pas de concept pour parler de ce qu’on fait, pour désigner.


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