Être déconnecté

Un article de Dver qui concentre une réflexion amorcée par d’autres : pourquoi est-on parfait soudain déconnecté des dieux et des esprits ? qu’est-ce que cela veut dire ? J’ai souligné les parties centrales qui je pense peuvent-être comprises sans trop de difficultés.


« Let me direct your attention to a significant post over at Mystical Bewilderment on the Spiritual Turnpike, called Fallow Isn’t Just About Fields and Dreams. She discusses the periods we all go through when we are disconnected from our gods and spirits – which she has aptly named Fallow Times – why it happens, and what to do about it. This is something everyone on a spiritual path will encounter – some more often than others perhaps – even those of us who have built strong and long-term relationships and are deeply engaged with our practice. But it can be so hard to talk about – there is doubt, and shame, and reluctance to even face it at all. But facing it is exactly what will eventually bring you closer to Them – working through the roughest times will teach you more than all the pretty festive days and cool magic you do.

I’d also like to add something to her list of possible reasons one might enter Fallow Times:

  1. Simply put, it’s the mundane overpowering the spiritual.
  2. The gods are busy.
  3. We want it so badly, we block ourselves.
  4. It’s a test.
  5. There’s a problem.

I think I’ve encountered every single one of these at one point or another. But I’ve also noticed another source, which I doubt is wholly peculiar to me, and it’s something implied directly by the term “fallow.” Namely that after certain significant changes or events one goes through spiritually, it may be a natural part of the cycle to then experience a fallow period in reaction – because you’ve expended all your mojo, and/or because you need time to adjust to a new way of being. My spiritual life can be pretty…. dramatic, shall we say, and often after yet another big shake-up or challenge or oath or revelation, I will find myself temporarily removed to some degree from the gods or spirits involved in the event. But as long as I do what’s needed rest, often, and also introspective work to make sure I understand what the next steps should be and what They have shown to me and keep up with my practices, the connection will return… usually even stronger than it was before. »

6 réflexions sur “Être déconnecté

  1. Avelliana dit :

    A garder sous le coude, pour les moments où çà nous arrive…relativiser et comprendre…:)

  2. Syne dit :

    Being disconnected…
    I have no shame when it happens to me… and it has happened many times these last years and months ! However, I don’t feel like disconnected from the gods, fairies, trolls or others diverse spirits : only from the practice.
    What I’m in my deep heart doesn’t change that quick… I know my path is right. It’s just that sometimes I doubt. Not about my beliefs but about all that stuff we put around it and that I find useless maybe more often than many other pagans.
    As the Time flows and flows, I go deeper in the woods of the freedom… I don’t want to be attached – no, more than that : to be enslaved. Neither by tools nor by texts. Neither by rituals nor even by gods themselves ! I’m a servant, not a slave.
    I have rebelled against some gods or other spirits some times. It was really hard but after it I felt at the same time nude and powerfull. Gods choose us, and we choose them. If we don’t want to follow the path of one of them, we can refuse. (Yes, we really can !) And if they are clever enough, they just seduce us … I see gods a bit as lovers. If we aren’t fascinated, we don’t follow them…

    Just a personnal addition to this message which touched me a lot ’cause, as I said, the disconnection has often happened to me. Nevertheless, I’m a pagan. Proud of it. And even when I don’t meditate, don’t work with energies, don’t ritualize… I’m pagan. Deeply. Being pagan is not only letting it flow out. Sometimes, it has to stay in…

    [Blessings, Valiel, even if I don’t follow your path regularly nowadays =) ]

  3. Nice to see you around 😉

    You are blessed if you are balanced enough never to be disconnected from the divine powers and spirits.

  4. Syne dit :

    It’s not what I said, on the other hand I’ve often been disconnected…
    It’s just a personnal reflection of what I think : that « empty » moments of our lives are maybe as necessary as full ones. Even with the gods and spirits. And that it’s not a shame to feel disconnected… if we don’t loose ourselves definitely.

  5. The article I posted really talks about being disconnected to any divine powers, to be UNABLE to feel things. And you said this : « I don’t feel like disconnected from the gods, fairies, trolls or others diverse spirits : only from the practice » which is why I wrote you are blessed if this is true. 🙂

    And of course, it’s not a shame, that’s why I wanted to post this article, as a reminder, and because it happens to the best of us like Dver. People have to keep in my this idea of cycle… and be at peace when they are in a down phase. But it seems there is a taboo, nobody talks about it, or not seriously. It gives the impression one has to hide such things, that one MUST be connected at all costs, anytime;

  6. Syne dit :

    Ok, I hadn’t read the article in that way 🙂
    And I completely agree… I think many pagans feel that being disconnected – even a little bit or time – is not « normal ». As you write it, the idea of a cycle in all things shouldn’t be forgotten…

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