Démystifier le polythéisme

Encore une superbe initiative… de Raven Kaldera, pour les anglophones (ou ceux qui pourraient se faire traduire).

I’m putting together an anthology on polytheists and faith called “Moments of Clarity, Moments of Faith” and I need well-written essays by polytheists (between 2K and 8K words) about those moments that reified your faith and brought it home that this was all real, true, and right.

Too often polytheism is looked at as superstition, fairy tales, or just less “mature” religion than pantheism, panentheism, monotheism, or atheism. I’m looking for thoughtful essays about the nature of faith for a polytheist, drawing on personal experiences. If you’re interested, they can get sent as a Word or Word Perfect file to cauldronfarm@hotmail.com.

There’s no pay, as this is a POD book, but all contributors will get a .pdf copy of the book when it’s done.


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